Dear designer, do you like what you do?

As a designer you can work across a wide range of products and end up thinking you can tackle anything. But maybe you would take on a job that doesn’t actually suit you. Do you realise what your strengths are? If so, it is easier to define your business model. Your core question maybe is: ‘How can I be successful? So what are your core skills? Do you like what you do? Does it allow you to make a living? Is there a market?

If you don’t have a clear mission, then whatever you do is a gamble. A successful creative business is an expression of your design personality, and by extension of a considered strategy and vision.

My vision to design coaching

My vision to design coaching is holistic and offers you the benefit of a well thought through profile in the design universe. I not only consider what you do, but also how you do it; in other words, my focus includes content, policy, finance and marketing, which I see as integral aspects too. Following these principles, you will no longer start on the wrong kind of job. That gives clarity for yourself, and well developed tools that translate into a clear profile to others.